Brad Delp


BostonBrad Delp had an extraordinary voice. As lead singer of the 70s and 80s classic rock band Boston, he was the heart and soul of the group (much to the chagrin of Tom Scholz, genius that he may be). Subsequent records without Delp but with Scholz manning the guitars simply don’t sound like Boston. His voice was unmistakable.

Delp could sing out of a telephone book and make it sound good. With a range that started in a baritone up to a high soprano, he could do it all, and with such emotion that he made you feel whatever he was singing.

Delp was also a Beatles fan. Before his untimely death in 2007, he was the frontman for the Beatles cover band Beatlejuice. He did a spot-on McCartney imitation, or perhaps he just sounded like Paul.

This site is dedicated to Brad Delp and serves as a resource for those wanting to get all the material featuring Delp on vocals. We have precious few songs to hear.


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